Welcome to Mama Bear Consulting!

As a home schooling consultant, I provide families with the tools and instructions they need to help their children become lifelong learners; learners who are joyful, independent, passionate, and emotionally insightful.

My holistic approach to education is Montessori-inspired, and will prepare your child for preschool and beyond. Based on each child’s unique interests and educational needs, I develop well-rounded, hands-on curriculum boxes which are updated monthly. These individualized “learning boxes” are created with age-appropriate milestones in mind, for ages 0 to 6.

This custom curriculum is accompanied by in-person instruction, and detailed notes on activities and desired outcomes. Weekly check-ins will help you use or adapt the curriculum to its best potential with your child and his/her changing needs and interests.

My mission is to help parents create more meaningful interaction and educational opportunities for their kids.


About Mama Bear Tova


I’m mother to 4-year-old triplets, a teacher, and an educational consultant. I hold a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Education, and have taught in schools in Bolivia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Maine. In addition to teaching general education students, I’ve taught gifted and special education students as well. I’ve also worked as an outdoor educator and dance instructor. All of these varied experiences in teaching have helped me to develop my unique and well-rounded approach as an educator.

Why I do this

I want to share with other parents what I do with my family.  I know it can be difficult and overwhelming at times to educate our own children at home.  At the beginning of my journey as a homeschooling mom to triplets, I at times felt the same, and I’m an experienced teacher! Since I began educating my children, I have personally developed and adapted a large collection of activities and materials that could easily be adjusted for individual children and families.  After seeing the benefits of this approach with my children, I knew I was onto something. I’ve since shared this approach with other parents and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

My passion for education

My passion for education began when I was very young, being a Montessori-educated child myself. For me, learning has always been difficult; I’ve always required alternative approaches to learn new material. I responded to this challenge as a student by developing multimodal techniques for learning. Montessori was instrumental in teaching me that approaching academics in unique ways is a great way to learn.

I took a long and winding road to find my career in education. I’ve held many different types of jobs, and found the ones I enjoyed most shared one thing in common: they all involved some kind of teaching. And I noticed that people liked to learn from me; they learned new material easily by applying my methods.  All those years struggling to educate myself has given me a treasure-trove of techniques to offer my students.  This is what I was meant to do. 

I was lucky enough to have found many amazing teachers along the way. They helped me fall in love with the learning process from a young age. An intrinsic joy in learning helps a student weather the storms that are involved in any educational journey. I want to help children fall in love with, and get excited by, the learning process, in addition to learning academic, self-care and community skills.





Keep in mind I am an educator, and I am not a therapist, lawyer or physician. If you have real concerns for your family that lingers, please do seek the right type of professional help.  I am here just to share my experience and hopefully this well help you on your homeschooling journey