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Taming Homeschooling, The Bare Essentials For Making It Bearable



-Stop wondering how your going to fit it all in

-No longer question if you can teach your child

-Wipe away uncertainty about what and where to focus

-Quit obsessing about your schedule

-Cease feeling overwhelmed


It does not have to be like this!  I’m Tova Ladley and I am here to help you make homeschooling less overwhelming and instead make it manageable.

Together we are going to make a schedule that works for you, create a classroom environment your kids can’t stay away from, and give you the confidence you need to teach your children.  In 2 months you can go from overwhelmed to teaching your children with joy.  By doing transitional training with me, you never will deal with kids hanging off door handles again.  I will help you take your children from reluctant, resistant learners to joyful, eager, independent learners.  Learn how to take sibling rivalry to sibling revelry.  There is no reason to make homeschooling a bear.  Let me create a program that will bring ease to your homeschooling experience!!! 


Are you ready to make homeschooling work for you today?


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