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How It All Got Bearable



Why I do this?  You might be surprised!


Is your laundry piling up?  Do you know when the last time you went to the dentist was?  Were you supposed to get to the post office to mail an important letter but never did? If this is you, you probably feel like your being pulled in a million directions, and feel like you will never figure out how to fit it all in.  Do you jump from one Internet post to another, and then wonder how your hours ticked by and you still have not come up with a lesson plan for tomorrow?  Do you keep thinking where do I start? Did you spend all day wondering what was learned?  Would your kids just not listen to you?   Do you just feel unqualified and wonder how to educate your child sufficiently enough?

(I have had all these thoughts at one time or another, but I have not let them stop me from homeschooling. Most people don’t just jump into homeschooling but I did. )



How I Found Homeschooling


When I went for my ultrasound and asked the question “Babies?  You mean 2 babies?”  And the technician replied “3 babies,” my life went spinning.  All my life planning went out the window.   I knew right away I was not going back to work, and preschool was no longer going to be an option for me.  This is when I wholeheartedly embraced homeschooling.  I had always thought about it, but I had thought of it as an ace up the sleeve, something waiting for me if I needed it.  Now I totally needed it.  When your life goes topsy-turvy you question everything.  So I know how those questions can envelop you, how they can keep you standing still.  Once I got some pep talks from my close teacher friends, I knew this was something I could do!  Why couldn’t I take all my years of teaching experience and my years of trying to be innovative with education to my own family and kids?  Once I got started, even with all my years of teaching experience, translating that into the home at times felt like a colossal feat.  I have learned so much from this experience that I want to share what I have learned, so that others don’t have to feel this way.  Once I figured out how to make it all work for me, it became easy.  All those nagging feelings and questions disappeared. 


From creating my own homeschooling program for my kids I knew that starting homeschooling was overwhelming to get started with.  As a teacher I also knew how important it is for a child to have a strong educational foundation.  This foundation can make or break a child’s interest in learning forever.  I wanted to help other homeschoolers build a solid foundation in knowledge acquisition.  Upon this foundation can be built a lifelong thirst for knowledge for its own sake.


Not only do I aim to bring joy to children’s learning, but also make homeschooling accessible and easy for families to implement. Thus my Homeschool Foundations Package came to be.


Every year I re-evaluate if homeschooling is right for my family.  When we moved to New Hampshire, I went through this process all over again.  Every time I go through this process I have to face a barrage of questions that come up for me.  I have talked to many people who have faced these same questions.  Many of them mentioned to me they wished they could have spoken to someone who had gone through this process before they embarked.   Many thought it was a difficult decision to make, and one best made in a thoughtful manner.  For this reason, I created my On The Fence Session.


When I learned I was having triplets,  I often heard stories from family, friends and other multiple families about how sibling rivalry was a significant issue that needed to be addressed from day one. I took this to heart, and decided I would teach my children how to be caring siblings to one another.  These learning experiences birthed my Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Revelry workshop.


I believe firmly in a child led curriculum.  This is one of the biggest things that drew me to homeschooling.  In my experience, this is difficult, if not impossible, to implement in today’s American public schools.  As a result, I wanted to help other parents to have access to a curriculum that was tailor made for their child.  Since I have years of experience as an educator, I knew I would be able to provide this needed service the same way I have been providing it with my children. 


My triplet experience has forced me to use my resources such as time and space very judiciously.  I have spent many hours researching and searching for items and ways to make my life easier.  I had to find any way to streamline the process of taking care of three babies at once.  I feel I have a very unique perspective on how to make a new mom’s life easier, because of this.  I also spent significant amount of time trying to create the most stimulating nursery I could since my children were by being preemies developmentally behind and at huge risk for delays.  I do not want other mom’s to miss out on things they can do to help their children to develop appropriately.  Due to this, I decided to offer a nursery setup and also a baby registry consultation.



My passion for education


My passion for education began when I was very young, being a Montessori-educated child myself. For me, learning has always been difficult; I’ve always required alternative approaches to learn new material. I responded to this challenge as a student by seeking out multimodal techniques for learning. Montessori was instrumental in teaching me that approaching academics in unique ways is a great way to learn.


I took a long and winding road to find my career in education. I’ve held many different types of jobs, and found the ones I enjoyed most shared one thing in common: they all involved some kind of teaching.  I noticed that people liked to learn from me; they learned new material easily by applying my methods. All those years struggling to educate myself has given me a treasure-trove of techniques to offer my students.  This is what I was meant to do. 


I was lucky enough to have found many amazing teachers along the way. They helped me fall in love with the learning process from a young age. An intrinsic joy in learning helps a student weather the storms that are involved in any educational journey. I want to help children fall in love with, and get excited by, the learning process, in addition to learning academic, self-care and community skills.



My Experience


Listen I know it is hard to trust someone you have never met, so you might wonder why I might be qualified. Being a triplet mom of 5 year olds might not be enough for you.   Well don’t worry I am a certified teacher in both New Jersey and New Hampshire.  On top of having a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, I also have a Master’s in Education. When I earned my Masters, I also received the Nadine Shanler Award for Excellence in Educational Foundations.  Most teachers choose to stay at one school for their whole career, but I have always wanted to be exposed to as many ways of learning as I could.  You can’t do that by staying at one school or in one place.  So I have been very lucky to have worked in schools in Bolivia, New Hampshire, Maine, and New Jersey.  I have also been blessed to work with a variety of different type of students including general education students, special educational students and gifted students. I’ve also worked as an outdoor educator and dance instructor. All of these varied experiences in teaching have helped me to develop my unique and well-rounded approach as an educator.


(I’m mother to 4-year-old triplets, a teacher, and an educational consultant. I hold a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Education.  When I earned my Masters, I also received the Nadine Shanler Award for Excellence in Educational Foundations.  I have taught in schools in Bolivia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Maine.  In addition to teaching general education students, I’ve taught gifted and special education students as well. I’ve also worked as an outdoor educator and dance instructor. All of these varied experiences in teaching have helped me to develop my unique and well-rounded approach as an educator.)



Fun Facts About Me


You can find me at all hours of the day and night dancing.  Whenever I travel you can find me at any ballroom dancing event I can find, from world-class competitions to salsa nights at the local community center.  I have done competitive ballroom dancing off and on again for over 17 years.


My family calls me the cat whisperer, because cats literally just show up at our door and make themselves at home.  The cats that have wandered into our lives most recently are Moonrock and Sunburst.  Sunburst joined our household by crying at the kids’ sliding door one frosty dawn.  I thought she was one of our other cats and let her in.  She had the kids screaming on their beds, but she just sauntered in like she owned the place and never left.


I love to travel. I have driven across the US 4 times and I have been to 9 countries around the world: Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, Jordan, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Bolvia, and Peru.  Planes are okay, but I am a road trip girl at heart.  If I could give myself any superpower, it I would be the ability to teleport myself anywhere, whenever I wanted. (Either that, or the ability to be multiple places at once. Like I said, having multiples changes your goals; there have been days I’d have gladly used one of my three wishes for an extra pair of arms.)


I dream of taking this show on the road, and one day hiking the Appalachian Trail with my family.  For the moment, though, my family and I have decide to embrace the local culture of the Mount Washington Valley, and learn to ski and snowboard right down the street.   You might just see me hurtling down the mountain trying to catch the triplets.  When my kids think I am napping, I am actually sneaking sci-fi and fantasy novels! (Shhh!! They don’t have to know!) If I’m not spending my afternoon at home lesson planning, then you’ll probably find me dragging my family out on our latest adventure!!! I hope you will join along with us on our homeschooling adventure!



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