Iron Chef Has Nothing On Raising Triplets

Iron Chef has nothing on raising triplets

Having triplets is like being on Iron Chef, with more of everything you don’t need and less of everything you do need...  WHILE you are sleep deprived, AND one child /1/ is holding onto your leg AND another /2/ is screaming at you…  and YET ANOTHER /3/ is undoing everything you just did. Of course, at the same time you will be learning to use any free parts of your body as appendages (this includes parts like elbows and hips.).  Believe it or not, you will also have a BLAST because HELL YA it’s IRON CHEF!!!! And you are magically the caretaker of three beautiful new lives. It makes you the most organized Mother Fucking Badass... who, with unimaginable fortitude, gets to places on time, and even early.  Watch out World! Here we come. Bring on those questions because even putting the kids in the car is a wild adventure!