New Multiple Moms Biggest Fear (dun dun dun….)

New Multiple Moms Biggest Fear (dun dun dun….)



Kids running in opposite directions.  (By the way, this is actually a hard thing to capture in a picture!)  I know for a fact so many mothers don’t leave their houses for years due to this fear.  This includes many mothers who just have more than one kid.  Singleton parents, as the multiple parents call you, we get it!  When you are outnumbered, you are just outnumbered.  What do you do?  No one wants to stay in their house forever.  I’m sorry, coffee will not solve all our problems.  Let me tell you, I have spent hours pondering this question.  Yes, you can have another adult with you.  But sometimes you just want to go to a place with your kids yourself, like what you imagined being an adult would be like.  I strategized.  Number one solution is find a place which is fenced in.  Surprisingly that is not common.  I still don’t know why.  Anyone working on town and city planning committees, get on this!!!  All towns should have at least one.  All parents would give a huge sigh of relief.  Let me tell you I looked and looked for such places.  I could not find them.  Of course I found a few after my kids were older and this was not such an issue.  I did find some places with large fields around them, but my kids still wanted to run into the parking lot.  So this was only sort of a solution.  But something I realized that most towns do have is tennis courts!!!  And you can use them for a fenced in play area.  Here are a few of the activities I suggest to parents that want to take full court advantage!


Tennis Court Gross Motor Activities for 2 year olds



  • Stomp and Catch board

                   (Check out our homemade board video on Instagram)

Great way to practice catching





  • Plastic bag kite


 Penguin Waddle Race – Have the kids try to walk with a ball between their legs.




  • Follow the leader: clap, crawl, walk, run, pretend you’re different animals: bee butterfly, bear crawl, flap arms like a bird, crab walk, hop skip, jump, gallop, march, spin, twist, roll, wiggle, fly like an airplane, shake your hips, kick, end the game by pretend sleeping – (This is also a great time to practice letter sounds by using actions all starting with the same sound)



  • Play with streamers



  • Hula hoops – You can get a few.  Have them jump from one to another.   You can have them climb through them.  You can have them practice throwing balls through them.  You can have place balls all over the court and then have the boys gather them all inside the hoop.

  • Sponge water fight  - You can also do a version of duck duck goose with drip drip drop


  • Balloons and noodles


  • Parachute/ Sheet Play  - bounce balls/stuffed animals/props on the sheet and try to keep them on, you can walk clockwise and then counter clockwise,  row-row-your-boat, hide underneath, give kids a ride on it, follow the leader, give one child a spin in (the center) the washing machine



  • Tag, ring around the rosy, red light green light


  • t-ball




  • spoon carry – Use a large spoon to carry a large ball across  the court


  • bag/sack race – Have kids jump in a bag across the court




  • lines of court – practice heel and toe walking, jump the lines (including sideways), tiptoe, frog jumps, hop


  • horse ride – have them ride brooms alone or together (This is a great way to work on cooperation.


I promise there will be a day that you will be able to take them to play area without another adult without all mayhem breaking out, but in the meantime stick to the court.