Fitting It All In with KidsFitMatters

Run For The Hills

The other day I was very lucky to get acquainted with Eric Bridges from KidsFitMatters.  He introduced me to his awesome site that is geared toward families that want to find new ways to get fit together.  I am sure if you are like me, you are always looking for new ideas for how to do just this.  I was super lucky I even got a chance to interview him. When you get a chance, check out KidFitMatters on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.   I would love to hear what your favorite things were that you found on this site.  I have to say I am falling in love with its recipe section.  At the moment I am really in need of some new ideas.  The kids are sick of everything my husband and I like to cook.  This will be my new go-to site for this.  Here is what Eric had to say about what KidFitMatters is all about.


1. Can you tell us a bit about your site?

KidsFitMatters is all about helping Moms lead their family towards a Happy, Healthy, and Fit lifestyle.


2.  How was “Kids Fit Matters” created?


KFM was founded by a 2 young dads (working on their dad-bods), some old grandpa (who owns a gym that realized there wasn’t a lot of talk about Kids Fitness. They pulled in a fitness expert they knew (a chick we call the mother of content) and KidsFitMatters was born. As dads and fitness experts, they knew they could make a difference. Once the idea was born, it was just a matter of getting the team in place and making it happen.


3.  Who do you see benefitting most from your site?


We talk primarily to moms, but dads, grandparents, teachers or anyone else interested in kids’ fitness also benefit from visiting our site. We talk about the hard stuff, the cute stuff, and everything in between.


4. What do you want parents to walk away from your website thinking about?


We want them to feel like they are understood. Parenting isn’t always a walk in the park and we get that, because we are parents too. So being a safe space to talk about anything is important to us.


5.  How can homeschoolers benefit from your site?


The recipes and exercise would be the most beneficial to homeschoolers. Recipes because sometimes you need a new idea. Exercises because it is so important to factor in movement breaks and try different things with kids. Doing a quick 5-7-minute break can help kids clear their mind, wake their body, and have better focus for the next task at hand.


6. What educational challenges do you think the families you serve face?


Parents can struggle with how to integrate physical activity into their child's daily routine. While they know it is important, they struggle to find activities that the child enjoys while reaping the benefit of full-body exercise.


7.  How do you want your brand to be seen in 5 years? will be the tool parents use to educate themselves on how

to keep their kids healthy through a well-rounded approach to fitness,

nutrition.  We will be "The Voice" of kid's fitness and nutrition.



8.  How has “Kids Fit Matters” affected your followers?


We like to think in a positive way. We love when our articles spawn a discussion and help parent’s understand new ways of thinking or see new studies being completed that might affect their children as they grow.


9.  What is one surprising thing you want my readers to know about your brand?


We love to move. Our whole team is guilty of being that squirmy child in school. So we stand while we work, walk while we work, anything that keeps us moving helps us concentrate and the more we concentrate, the more we can put out there on KidsFitMatters.