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Don’t start your homeschooling on shaky ground



Homeschooling can be overwhelming.

It’s easy to question everything you do...

It’s understandable to wonder if you’re a good enough teacher...

It’s natural to stress over curriculum…

It’s common to feel like there’s never enough time in the day to get it all done...


But what if you could trade all of that uncertainty for ease and joy?


What if you could be in step with your child and make homeschooling a dance?


That’s what the Foundations Package is all about. I’ll give you a set of tools that will help you make learning exciting and joyful again (or for the first time!)


With my guidance you’ll:


  • Create a schedule that actually works for you and your family—and stick with it!

  • Bring a true sense of balance back to your life.

  • Learn where to focus your energy and how to get your child to listen to you.

  • Understand the right amount of socialization for your child

  • Feel armed with the direction, confidence, and the skills to confidently, calmly approach homeschooling—whether it’s one child or more than one (even at different ability levels).


No more wondering where the day went,

No more tearing your hair out because you spent all day trying to get your child to learn one thing,

No more hiding in the bathroom, full of self-doubt and self-pity.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?


Here’s how we get there (What’s included in the Foundations Package):


2 Curriculum Units—custom designed for your child

These hands-on, well-rounded units are created with your child’s interests, needs and abilities in mind. They’re also designed with your child’s developmental stages at the forefront as well as created around your needs as a teacher and a parent. The result is a child who is excited to learn and a parent who feels empowered and capable to teach.

Each unit is provided with a materials list and links to buy them (based on your budget). A unit usually takes a month to work through, so you’re getting 2 months of curriculum tailor-made for you and your child; allowing you to be able to focus on learning how to teach your child best, and how to schedule your time. 


8  (30 minute) Support Sessions

To supplement your curriculum, you’ll also have access to individual support sessions. In these half hour sessions, I’ll help you get your homeschooling program off the ground.  Instead of figuring it out all by yourself I’ll share with you what I have learned and be there to answer your specific questions.  Often when people start homeschooling they are all over the place, but I will help you stay focused.  For ex: if an activity is too hard or too easy for a child, I’ll be able to give you suggestions on how to modify it.  Or if your homeschooling schedule is not working for you now that you added dance class, we can change it together. Or if all of a sudden “Johnny” doesn’t like math, we’ll address it and workshop it together.  As you know, it’s difficult to anticipate all of the things that can come up with homeschooling, with this program, you’ll have someone who has been there to help you get around your latest obstacle.  We can also address any worries or issues that may be preventing you from homeschooling the way you would like to. On top of this, you may also email me with questions as they come up, so that they can be answered at these sessions.

Pre-work—Each session will have a pre-work questionnaire that needs to be completed.   This information will allow me to use our limited time as efficiently and productively as possible.  I want that half hour to be filled with quality material that will be exactly what you need to make homeschooling work for you.



My Story—How I got into this work and why it matters to me so much


“Babies? You mean two babies?” This was the question I asked when I went in for my ultrasound. When the technician replied “3 babies,” my life went spinning.  All of my life planning went out the window.   I knew right away I was not going back to work, and preschool was no longer going to be an option for me.  This is when I wholeheartedly embraced homeschooling.  I had always thought about it, but it felt more like an ace up the sleeve, something waiting for me if I needed it.  Now I totally needed it.  When your life goes topsy-turvy you question everything.  So I know how those questions can envelop you; how they can keep you standing still.  Once I got some pep talks from my close teacher friends, I knew this was something I could do!  Why couldn’t I take all my years of teaching experience and my years of trying to be innovative with education to my own family and kids?  But even with all my years of teaching experience, it often felt like a colossal feat to translate that into the home.  After some ups and downs and missteps, I figured out how to make it all work for me. All those nagging feelings and questions disappeared and it actually felt easy and joyful. Yes, really! I’ve learned so much from this experience and I want to share it with other mamas (like you).


I know that you can do just need a little assistance and support.


Imagine your kids excitedly telling everyone they meet what they just learned that day...

Imagine a week where you get it all done and still have time to watch your favorite show…

Imagine never getting lost in the sea of Pinterest activities again, or going down that rabbit hole of worry...

Imagine knowing in your heart of hearts that you’re creating the most incredible homeschooling experience for your child (and having the confidence to say so to the naysayers)...


Even better? Stop imagining it and instead start making it a reality.


Investment: $200


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Afterwards you’ll be sent to my Calendly calendar to book your bonus session.  At this time you’ll also be asked to answer a few questions to help kick off our work together.







$200 feels like a lot, why this price?


Most of us have our kids in at least one extracurricular activity—martial arts, gymnastics, dance, etc. I bet you can think of some hidden costs that go along with those.  I bet a few times you have had sticker shock when seeing the cost.  I certainly have!  But you probably signed them up anyway because you wanted your child to be well rounded.  I did my best to make this foundation course equivalent in price to many extracurriculars so you could afford this. How you start your homeschooling experience can color how your homeschooling days run for the rest of their education. If you do this wrong your child might be turned off from homeschooling all together and this will no longer be an option. A solid foundation is essential to any worthwhile project and I can assure you that starting your kids’ education on the right path is worth it and much more.


Why shouldn’t I just find activities on Pinterest or online?


Yes, there are millions and millions of activities floating around out there on the internet.  It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by this—especially when you first get started—and can have you running in a billion directions.  It’s critical to pick materials that are right for where your child is at this moment, and where he/she needs to grow.  This is where my years of teaching experience come into play.  I consider myself a sort of DJ of material—my curriculum is special because I use my schooling, and years of experience to pick and mix the materials. I have also curated these materials over time from a number of resources including experienced educators, educational courses and workshops, and books, besides just the standard online resources.  I have created many of the activities myself as well.  I ‘ve spent years exploring educational materials and staying on top of the best resources, so I could provide these to my clients and students.   


Why do I need a schedule?


As a teacher and a mother of triplets, I can tell you that a schedule is essential to dealing with children.  Schedules reduce conflict when dealing with children and kids will be more open to learning if they know what to expect.  I consider this a foundational element when it comes to dealing with children.


What if I don’t have time?


Homeschooling done right is a major time commitment.  Honestly, if you don’t have time for this you probably should rethink homeschooling, or supplementing your child’s education altogether. Most people go so far as to say it is a lifestyle.  I certainly feel this way.   If you are doing this yourself, you should even budget more time than you think, because of trial and error and research.   



Make today the first day of a new chapter for your family.



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Tova Ladley is a magnificent early childhood educator. I was utterly surprised when I learned I was pregnant with twins, and surprised again by the cost of daycare! While we’re lucky in that my husband’s sister could give our kids loving care, I know that child development is complicated, and I often wondered whether daycare would have given them a richer learning environment. So, we turned to Mama Bear for help. After one session with a curriculum she designed just for us,our boys were happily painting, playing new interactive games and enjoying their discovery of numbers and letters. We are still working with her, and plan to do so as long as possible. She is passionate, innovate and has solid knowledge – and wants to share it. Without a doubt, we would recommend Mama Bear!

— E.M. whose twins were 2 when they started with Mama Bear


"I can’t even count the ways you’ve helped us. There are a handful of books the kids love reading over and again (as you suggested), and we keep finding new ways to make those exciting, like counting the objects and working on reading comprehension: why characters do things, how characters might be feeling, & why. With rhyming books, I’ll leave out the last word in a stanza and point to it so they can “read” it. They have quite a few simple books memorized now. P. (who is on the autism spectrum) is telling more jokes—so in Goodnight Moon I’ll read “Goodnight kittens and goodnight...” & he’ll say “gloves” instead of mittens, and giggle.

What you told me (about childhood literacy milestones) was really reassuring! It’s important to make the education process as fun as possible when they’re young, so that they’ll look forward to learning about new things. Your lessons certainly do that in spades.

Your learning plans were really helpful and fun. I definitely plan on continuing with the current lesson and revisiting the ones we were given before.

You’re a great resource and any parents with the means to subscribe to your boxes or lessons regularly, should totally do so."

— K. S. who has 4 year old twins who have been working with Mama Bear since they were 3 (excerpts from a recent letter):


“Tova created an in depth, creative, hands on math curriculum for my pre school. Not only did she provide the theoretical background behind each focus, she provided easy, interesting, hands on lessons that the kids enjoyed immensely. Her suggestions and guidance had me teaching multiplication and addition to my class of 3-4 year olds-and they understood it! Not only that, but they had a blast experimenting with concepts of grouping. I highly recommend Tova for all your curriculum needs. She is amazing!”

— Elana Chocron from Love English Gan


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