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Taming Homeschooling, The Bare Essentials For Making It Bearable



Take your homeschooling from hibernation to spring foraging!   

What if you could make your homeschooling dreams come true?


Does life seem to get in the way of your homeschooling? Do you wonder if you can become the teacher your child needs? Is your child totally uncooperative?


As a child I struggled with learning and this experience inspired me to become a learning expert.  From my varied experiences as a teacher I have developed an approach that is child centered, whole-child, using hands-on learning, incorporating real world experiences, that helps develop an independent joyful learner.




Homeschool Foundations Package (2 month support)


The purpose of this program is to help you get your homeschooling program off to an incredible start without all the normal floundering that new homeschoolers often experience.  Don’t reinvent the wheel. With this program you will get 2 curriculum units written for your child that are each a months worth of material.  You will also get 8 half hour sessions with me to help you work through all the little snags that come along with starting something new.


-       Create a schedule that works for you

-       Learn how to fit it all in

-       Get expert advice about how to focus your energy

-       Get your classroom set up in a way that will actually work for you

-       Develop a toolbox of ways to get your child to listen to you and want to learn


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Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Revelry Workshop


This online course is designed to help reduce and prevent sibling rivalry.  The biggest benefit is a peaceful house that runs smoothly. When this happens homeschooling becomes significantly easier.  Just think how much time you spend dealing with this issue in your home.  Imagine if you were able to reduce this.  How much time and energy would you gain? You might be surprised. Don’t let sibling rivalry derail your homeschooling dreams.  With a few new skills in place your life can flow again.


 Check out our Workshop here


On The Fence session (90 mins)


Let’s chat and see if HS is right for you.  This is your chance to talk with someone who has been in your shoes,  who has asked all those hard questions to themselves.  I will share with you what I have learned from speaking to veteran homeschoolers, and why they keep choosing this option for the children’s educations.  I will also share what I have learned from those who have put their children back into public/private schooling.  We will discuss the pro/ cons.  I do not believe homeschooling is for everyone or that it is correct for all children.  The timing also has to be right.  I want to help you get a real look at what it will take.   I will share tips about how to get started and how to make it easier.


Custom Curriculum Design (ongoing)


If you feel like you are juggling too much.  Maybe you are trying to work, or take care of a family member all while homeschooling your child.  This is the service for you!  I will save you time by creating the unit that you wished you had time to design, and on top of that I will help you implement it.  As problems arise you will have an expert to go to with all your questions.  In this service you receive a unit once a month that is designed for your child that is well-rounded and designed around you child’s interests and needs.    It will also be designed with your family's needs in mind as well.  During this month you will receive 4 half-hour support calls that will help you successfully implement those plans, and homeschooling.   Bring ease to your homeschooling life.  I know you want to do it all, and you can with my help.


Nursery Setup


Your child is growing in leaps and bounds when they are first born.  I was actually amazed when my children were little to learn there was quite a lot you can do to further your child’s development with the way you set up your nursery.  Let me help you get your child’s development off to a great start!


Baby Registry Consultation


When you first start looking at baby items all of a sudden you are overwhelmed.  I bet you were thinking I did not know babies needed that.  Do they really need that?  Will that make a difference in the development of my child?  What is really essential?  Let me narrow down what you really need, and want based on my experience with triplets, and as an educator.  I will suggest items that actually will save you time, so you can have a little bit of me time again.  I will share with you how I streamlined taking care of triplets, for the sake of my sanity.  Make sure you get what you really need, and that your house is not taken over by baby items.  Baby care doesn’t have to be impossible.  If I can do it with 3, so can you!!!


Classroom Design


Not every classroom is created equal!  When I was a teacher how to set up a classroom was a part of my education.   It was not treated just as something you figure out.  I have been in people's home classroom spaces where they were designed with only aesthetics in mind instead of a child’s development.  How you set up your classroom space can have an effect how interested your child is to go into it and work in it. My goal is to get your child to beg to go into your classroom just like mine do.  I feel this reaction from my children is in part due to how I have created my classroom.  Let me help you have the success I have had with my classroom.


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