Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Revelry

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Elevate your children’s relationships by reducing and eliminating sibling rivalry

Are you spending half your school time breaking up screaming matches?  Do you consistently feel you are being pulled in a million directions?  Can you not get your kids to agree on anything?

As parents of more than one kid, we all face the evil green monster of envy, sibling rivalry.  Actually, most of the negative interaction issues that I see in my household, when I look long and hard, come down to this.  Let me tell you, I think having multiples – in my case triplets – can amplify this effect.   Why do you ask?  Since they are the same age, everything is technically up for grabs: toys, books, friends, classes, activities, parents, schools, etc.  You name it, and if they are the same age anything one is interested in quickly becomes something they all want.   So let me tell you I have had to face this monster and look it deep in the eyes.  I decided early on I would not let this rule my house.  I want to share with you what I have learned from my experience and from all my research.


-       Learning is severely hampered

-       Everything is a battle

-       Your schedule long went out the window

-       You never can relax


Sibling rivalry, when out of control, can cause all learning to stop, ultimately ending homeschooling.  It does not only prevent homeschooling it also keeps your household from functioning.

Imagine a day where your kids will work on a puzzle or create a game together.  When they eventually disagree, instead of going to you they will actually talk it out.  They will come up with solutions all on their own.  You will get a chance to grab a cup of coffee without gulping it down, or go to the bathroom without having to jump off the pot – literally.




We’re using a lot of your suggestions—I can’t even count the ways you’ve helped us. 

                  —  K. S.


This was a great workshop with lots of wonderful practical strategies to try. I will definitely be putting them into practice with my kids!  
                           - L. S.




- Build confidence in dealing with common disagreements between siblings

- Learn how to teach your kids how to resolve their conflicts

- Strengthen your relationship by learning how to celebrating your children’s uniqueness in everyday life. 

- Equip parents with tools for minimizing sibling rivalry in homeschooling and the home in general.

- Rekindle your children’s relationships with each other



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We are still working with her, and plan to do so as long as possible. She is passionate, innovative, and has solid knowledge – and wants to share it. Without a doubt, we would recommend Mama Bear!

-       Thanks!”


  E.M. whose twins where 2 when they started with Mama Bear





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The course will be March 13th.


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What if I have further questions?

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Really enjoyed it! I want to watch it with my husband!
                     -S. N.


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