What can Mama Bear Consulting bring to your family?…..

Tova created an in depth, creative, hands on math curriculum for my pre school. Not only did she provide the theoretical background behind each focus, she provided easy, interesting, hands on lessons that the kids enjoyed immensely. Her suggestions and guidence had me teaching multiplication and addition to my class of 3-4 year olds-and they understood it! Not only that, but they had a blast experimenting with concepts of grouping. I highly recommend Tova for all your curriculum needs. She is amazing!
— Elana Chocron from Love English Gan
Tova Ladley is a magnificent early childhood educator. I was utterly surprised when I learned I was pregnant with twins, and surprised
again by the cost of daycare! While were lucky in that my husband’s sister could give our kids loving care, I know that child development is complicated, and I often wondered whether daycare would have given them a richer learning environment. So, we turned to Mama Bear for help. After one session with a curriculum she designed just for us,
our boys were happily painting, playing new interactive games and enjoying their discovery of numbers and letters. We are still working
with her, and plan to do so as long as possible. She is passionate, innovate and has solid knowledge – and wants to share it. Without a doubt, we would recommend Mama Bear!
- Thanks!
— E.M. whose twins where 2 when they started with Mama Bear
Hi Tova!

So great to hear from you. I’m so happy to hear you’re settling in well. It must feel so good to have your family all together again!

A. has been making really good strides in recognizing sight words. The other day she recognized the word Peekaboo on a book! A. (who previously would avoid academic activities) been asking me to read things to her a lot more, handing me tubes of toothpaste and bottles of lotion, pointing to the labels & asking “what it says?” She points at street signs and tries to read those herself. On Friday she recognized the word Parking!

We’re using a lot of your suggestions—I can’t even count the ways you’ve helped us. There are a handful of books the kids love reading over and again (as you suggested), and we keep finding new ways to make those exciting, like counting the objects and working on reading comprehension: why characters do things, how characters might be feeling, & why. With rhyming books, I’ll leave out the last word in a stanza and point to it so they can “read” it. They have quite a few simple books memorized now. P. (who is on the autism spectrum) is telling more jokes—so in Goodnight Moon I’ll read “Goodnight kittens and goodnight...” & he’ll say “gloves” instead of mittens, and giggle.

What you told me (about childhood literacy milestones) was really reassuring! It’s important to make the education process as fun as possible when they’re young, so that they’ll look forward to learning about new things. Your lessons certainly do that in spades.

Your learning plans were really helpful and fun. I definitely plan on continuing with the current lesson and revisiting the ones we were given before.

You’re a great resource and any parents with the means to subscribe to your boxes or lessons regularly, should totally do so.

When are you free for a call?
— K. S. who has 4 year old twins who have been working with Mama Bear since they were 3 (excerpts from a recent letter):